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Nyal is a Pakistani-American filmmaker and photographer, focused on environmental and human documentary projects. With an educational background in environmental science and South Asian studies, Nyal has been working for the past four years on telling stories of Pakistan's natural diversity and environmental challenges. 


He has worked as a camera operator and editor with WWF-Pakistan, WWF International's 'Big Cats Initiative', and as a researcher and drone operator for the BBC's landmark series, Planet Earth 3. He has also received a National Geographic grant to cover the stories of Afghan refugees arriving to Pakistan after the Taliban takeover in 2021.


While passionate about visuals and camera work, it is human and animal emotion and the beauty and complexity of our planet's interconnected nature that drive him to continue doing this work.

Now based in Bristol, UK for a master's in Wildlife Filmmaking at UWE, Nyal is seeking to develop a professional network and collaborative community in the global capital for natural history production, in order to develop more ambitious projects in Pakistan and around the world down the road.

Would love to hear from you:


Whatsapp: +92 (0345) 857-2486

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